Samstag, 3. März 2012

It's a spider!

Hey there

How are you doing?

Today was such a lazy day, hehe. It would be a waste of time writing about it. Therefore I am gonna tell you what I've done yesterday!

It was such an amazing day. I had to wake up at 2 am. (Gosh that was so hard because usually I go to bed around that time.) Because my mother needed to get to the airport to start her 3 week vacations. Yay! Now that she is gone it's quite silent in here now but I enjoy it and don't feel too lonely yet.

After she took her flight, I took the metro to get to the City ... at 5 am. There weren't even people outside and those who were, went propably to work. When I arrived at the central station I walked around and did?/went? window shopping. There wasn't anythng interesting therefore I had a walk and saw this huge spider. I wonder if it's the same one they had in Tokyo...

Later I met a dear friend and we had breakfast in a small cafe. It was real nice to meet her again. Since we live in different towns we don't meet up often and I guess I will see her during summer next, unfortunately. A couple of hours later we went back to the station and met a guy who was kinda.. weird? It was her friend but it was the first time they met. Awkward . . . 

I felt kinda stupid right next to them, honestly. She is studying music management and he studies law... and I am not studying anything yet. Argh. Well we had a few coffees and at night I went back home.

At home I watched EatyourKimchi. It's the youtube Channel from lovely Martina and hilarious Simon. They are Kanadians, I guess but now living and loving in Korea. Maybe you know them already. If not, just check them out.
click here. They are inspiring in many ways and I hope to be as successful in Japan someday as they are in Korea.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, to clean the apartement and to do sports. Yay. 

Have an wonderful day.