Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Project Body 2.0

 Hey there

How are you doing?

Right now I am listening to German rap music. For me it's quite unusual because I am not the hiphop // r&b // rap fan. Yet this song  Bushido feat. Sido - So mach' ich es is a quite nice, surprisingly I did even like the video. Especially the end, when they are holding their guns at each other's face.

Anyways that wasn't what I was gonna tell ya. My mother will be on holidays for three weeks. Yaaaay. That means I can finally go on a real diet, hehe. No chocolates, no fried food, fast food, no junk food, no meat, no pizza, no pasta and no milk products!

Unfortunately I have no training schedule yet nor have I prepared the list of food for the first week. Damn... I think I am gonna go on a 'Rainbow' diet again. I did it already two times when I was younger and it worked out quite well, as far as I can remember.

Of course I know that three weeks are not gonna make Iwata Nonoka out of me, BUT it will be a beginning, my beginning of a long jorney. And this time I will go ahead with it! No matter what. This time I am willing to motivate myself more than usually. Yet I don't know how yet, haha. Not well prepared yet.

Apart from the diet I am also doing some sports. Since the last month I am going out to jogg but it's still way too cold for me. Therefore I am using a step machine for one hour a day. That hasn't brought me anywhere yet, but ... I should stop excusing myself and start working.

Have an awesome day.

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Humans are mutants

Hey there

How are you doing?

I am sorry that I haven't had time to read any of your blogs the last week. Since an argument with my mother I wasn't at home from Wendsday on. Apart from that I had some meetings.

Starting at Hamburg. I went to the University to get some information about my future prospects. In the end of this year my major will be Japanese and my minor will be in communication and media science or business administration. Please cross your fingers so I can join, hehe.
After that meeting a student and I had a coffee at the station and we've talked about two hours. She was studying law yet she didn't like it and changed to anthropology. It seemed that she was very intelligent so I have no doubt that she is gonna make her way. Later on I met an other friend and we had a walk along the Alster.

Unfortunately it was too cold to stay outside therefore we went to have an other cup of coffee and started with a kind of deep conversation. A couple of month ago I realized that I have an aversion against human beings and now it's getting to take it's tall. On one hand people die due to malnutrition and on the other hand other people die due to being overweight. On one hand it's us with our phones and on the other hand there are Africans conducting war getting the material for our phones.- We are nothing but mutants, damnit.

I hope I will be able to sleep again, now that I`ve talked to a dear friend about these issues.

Tomorrow I will be back with some other information for example about hair, weight, fashion and inspirations. Plus I think I am gonna upload some photos which I made in Tokyo. But for now.

Good night.

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

New design

Hey there

How are you doing?

As you might notice I changed the layout of the blog. The music and the dark colors made me feel kinda sad, whenever I read trough the entries again. Nevertheless I think this time the layout is sort of okay, however, now it's way easier to add photos.

This weekend was rather quiet. A friend of mine went on holidays to crazy but wonderful Tokyo, Japan. I bet she is having a wonderful time since it's not as cold as in Germany and there are planty of things you are able to do, even on Sundays, hehe. 
Another friend of mine invited me to her wedding. I am quite exited to see her in the beautiful dress, yet I am not sure if I go since the event will take place somewhere in London. Furthermore though it's amazing that she is going to marry her fiancé though I think to love someone all life long would be sort of impossible. Maybe I haven't met that very special person yet, but do you believe in eternal love?

By the way, I was reading something about beautiful tummies.They said it's helpful for your tummy if you do crunshes three times a day. Additionally you cook all your vegetables and avoid cabbage! Oh, and they also said it was good to drink water with two slices of ginger and lemon, what actually sounds pretty delicious.
Also you aren't allowed to eat 'light' - products and chewing gum.I forgot why though..

Have a nice day and talk to you tomorrow

About me

Name : Emily
Age : 20
Place of Birth : South America
Personal Status : Taken

Height : 161cm
Weight : click here

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Logical reasoning

Favorite musician : Dir en Grey // BALZAC // Exist Trace // アヲイ//
Favorite movie : Re-cycle // The Butterfly Effect // Tokyo Gore Police //

Hobbies : RPGs // letters // taking photos // listening to music //

Not because you don't understand something it does not mean that it's wrong 京

to be continued..

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Anonymous: S.O.P.A.

Actually I do not know if they are telling the truth, yet I do not know who else would. I feel that someone is reading this, though it's not being published yet. Sees what I correct and where I struggle with grammar and mistakes.

Though I wanted this blog to be about girly things, I cannot resist to post this:

If you know anything about it, please let me know!

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


I cannot tell you guys how guilty I feel right now.. At morning I had to see the doctor for some reasons, fortunately everything turned out pretty well. Afterwards I rode the bike for half an hour, at home I did some sports and felt really good. But then... a couple of hours ago I started to eat and I didn't stop.

I had like 3 plates of this, plus: rice, grapes, pan, and something like Indian tea . . . I wished I was able to control myself in these moments. Tomorrow I am gonna go swim though it's nothing I really want to do.. D: 

Oh and I think I am going to do this kind of 'model diet'. You've to eat really less yet you can drink as much as you want.

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012


This guy is my personal inspiration.Yet I know it would be unhealthy to have his BMI (15.9).

His name is Shinya and he is the Drummer of a Japanese rockband called 'Dir en Grey'.

Who is your inspiration?