Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Humans are mutants

Hey there

How are you doing?

I am sorry that I haven't had time to read any of your blogs the last week. Since an argument with my mother I wasn't at home from Wendsday on. Apart from that I had some meetings.

Starting at Hamburg. I went to the University to get some information about my future prospects. In the end of this year my major will be Japanese and my minor will be in communication and media science or business administration. Please cross your fingers so I can join, hehe.
After that meeting a student and I had a coffee at the station and we've talked about two hours. She was studying law yet she didn't like it and changed to anthropology. It seemed that she was very intelligent so I have no doubt that she is gonna make her way. Later on I met an other friend and we had a walk along the Alster.

Unfortunately it was too cold to stay outside therefore we went to have an other cup of coffee and started with a kind of deep conversation. A couple of month ago I realized that I have an aversion against human beings and now it's getting to take it's tall. On one hand people die due to malnutrition and on the other hand other people die due to being overweight. On one hand it's us with our phones and on the other hand there are Africans conducting war getting the material for our phones.- We are nothing but mutants, damnit.

I hope I will be able to sleep again, now that I`ve talked to a dear friend about these issues.

Tomorrow I will be back with some other information for example about hair, weight, fashion and inspirations. Plus I think I am gonna upload some photos which I made in Tokyo. But for now.

Good night.

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  1. Ah tut mir Leid, dir nicht geantwortet zu haben, ich hab meinen blog falsch eingestellt und habe iwie keine benachrichtigung bekommen X.x
    Man ich muss es mal sagen, du hast so ein Glück mit Hamburg! Ich wünschte mir sooo sehr, dass ich da einen Platz bekommen könnte, aber leider wollen das viele und mein Abschluss wird nicht sonderlich gut...
    Warum ich wiederholt hab... ja ich sage Dummheit, aber an sich wegen meinen Depressionen. Manchmal komme ich einfach nicht hoch, nicht aus dem Bett, nicht dazu, irgendwas zu denken... reichlich anstrengend.

    Und wie ich dich beneide, dass du in Japan warst! Das ist ja mein Traum - das erste was ich mir von meinem selbstverdienten Geld schenken werde :D eine Reise nach Japan! Obwohl ich mir ehrlich gesagt etwas sorgen wegen fukushima mache. Ich bin da nicht so auf dem neusten Stand ...