Montag, 13. Februar 2012

New design

Hey there

How are you doing?

As you might notice I changed the layout of the blog. The music and the dark colors made me feel kinda sad, whenever I read trough the entries again. Nevertheless I think this time the layout is sort of okay, however, now it's way easier to add photos.

This weekend was rather quiet. A friend of mine went on holidays to crazy but wonderful Tokyo, Japan. I bet she is having a wonderful time since it's not as cold as in Germany and there are planty of things you are able to do, even on Sundays, hehe. 
Another friend of mine invited me to her wedding. I am quite exited to see her in the beautiful dress, yet I am not sure if I go since the event will take place somewhere in London. Furthermore though it's amazing that she is going to marry her fiancé though I think to love someone all life long would be sort of impossible. Maybe I haven't met that very special person yet, but do you believe in eternal love?

By the way, I was reading something about beautiful tummies.They said it's helpful for your tummy if you do crunshes three times a day. Additionally you cook all your vegetables and avoid cabbage! Oh, and they also said it was good to drink water with two slices of ginger and lemon, what actually sounds pretty delicious.
Also you aren't allowed to eat 'light' - products and chewing gum.I forgot why though..

Have a nice day and talk to you tomorrow

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