Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Project Body 2.0

 Hey there

How are you doing?

Right now I am listening to German rap music. For me it's quite unusual because I am not the hiphop // r&b // rap fan. Yet this song  Bushido feat. Sido - So mach' ich es is a quite nice, surprisingly I did even like the video. Especially the end, when they are holding their guns at each other's face.

Anyways that wasn't what I was gonna tell ya. My mother will be on holidays for three weeks. Yaaaay. That means I can finally go on a real diet, hehe. No chocolates, no fried food, fast food, no junk food, no meat, no pizza, no pasta and no milk products!

Unfortunately I have no training schedule yet nor have I prepared the list of food for the first week. Damn... I think I am gonna go on a 'Rainbow' diet again. I did it already two times when I was younger and it worked out quite well, as far as I can remember.

Of course I know that three weeks are not gonna make Iwata Nonoka out of me, BUT it will be a beginning, my beginning of a long jorney. And this time I will go ahead with it! No matter what. This time I am willing to motivate myself more than usually. Yet I don't know how yet, haha. Not well prepared yet.

Apart from the diet I am also doing some sports. Since the last month I am going out to jogg but it's still way too cold for me. Therefore I am using a step machine for one hour a day. That hasn't brought me anywhere yet, but ... I should stop excusing myself and start working.

Have an awesome day.

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  1. Thank you, you're too sweet petal <3

    3 weeks can make a difference, just stick to it when your mum's back :) Fast food should be easy to avoid even in the presence of parents;) Good luck and be safe xx