Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Cheap nailart

Today was the most boring day since ... ever. So I went to some shops and soon got an idea about what to do. Nails! I usually put red color on them but it's not really matching to the season and to cold coming from Russia.Therefore I tryied some blue.

Essence 75# gleam in blue (1,25€ )
Essence 76# hard to resist (1,25€ )
Essence special effect topper (1,75 €)
Fake nails (1,50€ )
Ebelin sponge (1,75€ ) 

 All together 7,70 € (^-^) and here is the result 

Before I am gonna weight myself today I'll do some sports. Actually I wanted to go for a run this morning, but when I woke up and checked the thermometers I was more like 'No. Nooooooo' It was something between -3 and -5, haha.