Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012


What the fuck!?
Today my friend, Svea, and I went to town - shopping, of course.

Though I kinda wanted to dye my hair blond . . . which seems impossible since it's black now. . . (T_T)
I don't trust my own skills when it's up to dye my hair, so I went to some hairdresser and asked how much it would cost. And here you are: 260 €! Are they insane?
The very first session would cost around  65 € and it would be brown. B R O W N. Not evem a light one. It would dark brown. There was almost no difference to black, gosh!

So.. I did buy some colorations, repair stuff for 'the dyed and terribly looking hair' to dye it at weekend. Besides my hair problem I have a 'dry skin peeling off and oily T zone problem' -stupid skin-. . . which is caused by my make up. Therefore I bought Manhattan soft mat loose powder. Please corss your fingers for me I really want it to work (>_<)

And there we go again. Diet and sports.
Today I saw someon's arms and though she was quite young she had those wrinkles. To be honest, it scared the shit out of me and made me realized even more that human beings get older and wrinkly just like a prune. Not very sexy. Does any of you have good experience with a certain work out? I was reading about the corebar already but I donno if it works that well.
I feel like buying this one :

Since my 'idol' is useing the same one. . . does that sound stupid? But anyways this post is way too long already.
Have a nice day and a plesant night.


  1. If you were only going to do ONE workout each week I probably wouldn't do corebar, although it is fun. Any kind of movement is better than no movement, but I'd go for either running/jogging, bodyweight training, a high intensity step class, or a good exercise dvd :-) xx

    1. Actually I was thinking of four workouts each week.
      For a nice walk outside it's too cold still, so I am gonna buy a DVD, lol. Thank you so much <3