Montag, 30. April 2012


Hello my dears

Today was a rather nice day. In the morning I had a counseling interview and although it was quite disappointing it took me to the next level. Why I am going to write some people emails. I hope it won't take too long to get a proper answer though.

Afterwards I ride the bicycle for an hour and went home to read some stuff for the University on the Internet and well, like usual I read through some blogs and found these freaking gorgeous photos!

Her name is Vita Sidorkina and yeah, she is a model. One of the most beautiful models I've ever seen. I love her long her, the expression of her face, the innocent gaze.

The second photo which really liked was this one from Emily Didonato. You may know her from fashion magazines and some advertisements on television. I wonder what these girls do for everyday to take her body in shape. . .

Tomorrow I have a day off and I am going to take a long walk / go out to run and have as little food as possible to get rid off all the fat on my hips, leg, arms, everywhere!

Food                                       Sport
2 x eggs                                  riding bicycle for one hour
1 x bowl of salad                      10 minutes on a step machine
1 x bowl of fruits                       50 sit-ups

With love

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