Montag, 21. Mai 2012

I've lost a pound

Hello my dears

When I stepped on the scale in the morning I was sorta nervous, although I wasn't eating much these days I had the certain feeling that I gained at least a pound due to all coffee last night but, surprise surprise! I've lost 0,6 kg / 1 pound. It was such a boost and sweeten my morning.  Maybe
all of you know his kind of feeling - I am sure you do. To me it's mesmerizing.

To keep the weight at least one day I skipped breakfast and lunch and did a lot of sports. One hour aerobics and an other hour cycling. My joints still hurt due to that but it's a rather pleasant pain and makes me sorta proud. Don't get me wrong I am just not crying out loud.  Anyhow later I went out and had a walk. I don't know what happened to Germany, if it just changed the place with Italy but it was freakin' hot. At our balcony it was about 31C°. . .and the weather remained like that.

To make the balcony more beautiful I got some flowers from a farmer close to our town -she wasn't really nice though and since I have no idea how to keep flowers alive I am rather worried they won't make even a week. Fail.

Anyhow in the evening I've talked to two friends of mine and they told me they've lost 25 kg / almost 4 stone within 5 months and 14 kg / around 2 stone within 4 months I honestly feel like asking them how they managed to get rid off their weight and keep it like it is now but on one hand I am afraid that I ask more than I should since one of them seems to struggle with an ED . . .

I will try from now on to create my entries more interesting and of course I am going to improve my expression, haha. I just got really lazy when it's up to English.
All the best for your guys!

Don't you see their bodies burning 
desolate and full of yearning.



PS: Hopefully you like the new blog design.

Serj Tankian - Empty walls

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  1. I find it interesting reading your blog =) Congrats on losing a pound. That's so wonderful. Keep up your hard work sweetheart.